I’ve recently taken the GCE Level 1 examination, and I like to share my experience along with some fantastic tips for you.

I am happy to report that minutes after I pressed “End Exam,” I received my certificate within 24 hours:

Note that I am an ICT teacher and therefore the second part which contains over 30 practical tasks, did not challenge me that much. Even though I had never used Google apps, I was able to complete the tasks using my experience for similar situations. However, if you do not use Google apps in your daily life, you’re going to find this section very challenging. Hence, I strongly recommend you to go through the topics I listed below and watch my video tutorial to see what necessary skills you must have about the each of these tools. You can find my YouTube tutorial at the end of this article.

NOTE: When you take the exam you have to sign out of your Google account (they will give you a temporary account for the exam), so your bookmarks might not be available, especially if you’re on a Chromebook. So I recommend that you have two computers open during the exam: one for the exam itself, the other to access your bookmarks.

So, let’s begin;


There are 20 questions. Questions types are

  • Matching
  • Multiple choices
  • Drag-drop
  • Selecting one or more correct answer (choose all that apply)

I suggest you not to spend too much time on theory. Going once through the free Google Training thoroughly would be enough.  In some question, common sense can be applied to answer some questions, e.g., “Of following are the benefits of using digital files in your lesson?”. Answers might be as follows;

  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Can be shared with the mass group of people easily
  • …and so on.


11 sections and each section has 1 to 5 tasks.

(These may come in any order)

  1. Google Calendar
    1. Creating calendar
    2. Adding a contact to calendar
    3. Creating event
      1. Event settings
  1. Gmail
    1. Creating new label
    2. Sending email
    3. Assigning labels to emails
    4. Adding task to an email
  1. Google Groups
    1. Forming a new group
    2. Adding group members
  1. YouTube
    1. Searching for a specific video /channel
    2. Creating playlist
    3. Adding new videos to a playlist
    4. Adding playlist description
    5. Sharing playlist
  1. Google Docs
    1. Copying and pasting a piece of information from Wikipedia
    2. Adding Comment
    3. Sharing document
    4. Adding footnote
    5. Adding chart
    6. Changing document name
  1. Google Sheets
    1. Calculating average/sum
    2. Sorting data (descending /ascending order)
    3. Creating chart
  1. Google Slides
    1. Adding new textbox
    2. Inserting image
  1. Google Classroom
    1. Creating a class
    2. Inviting students to class
    3. Creating assignment
      1. Assignment settings
  2. Google Sites
    1. Creating a site
    2. Changing site name and page title
    3. Adding new pages to site
    4. Adding editor
    5. Adding content
    6. Inserting image
    7. Attaching a file
  3.  Google Drive
    1. Getting shareable link
    2. Sharing a document
    3. Creating a new folder
    4. Creating a new document
    5. Adding components to a folder
  4. Video Hangouts
  1. Start a Video Hangout from your computer
  2. How to invite others to a Video Hangout

Bottom line: these exams are definitely worthwhile taking. You will learn so much about Google Apps for Education (GAFE), even if you feel like you already know a lot. The process will help you see what areas you have an excellent working knowledge of and what areas you have more learning to do. BONUS: if you pass, you get to display your badges wherever you want proudly. And who doesn’t love badges?!



NOTE: I found these great resources. Take a look at them: fabulous!

Intro to Google Certified Educator Level 1: https://goo.gl/nU3XA1

Skill Checklist – Google Certified Educator Level 1: https://goo.gl/cyn635


Do you have any more tips for passing the Google Certification exams? Please leave your ideas in the comments below!